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Are you looking for a chance to interact with other people and learn about other cities in Asia during the AASP 2021 Seoul Conference? Or do you want to commemorate the AASP 2021 Conference in Seoul?

If so, please join in social programs on Whova. You can find the program titles below on Whova's ‘Community’ tab (

Social Program 1: “Share the Moments in Your City!”

Please come to the ‘Community’ tab of Whova and let us get a glimpse of awesome attractions, favorite places, foods, drinks, cats and dogs… any lovely moments of your daily life in your city! We wish to see you all in person soon :)

Social Program 2: “AASP Seoul Post Office”

"Commemorating the conference"

If you want to keep your memories of the AASP 2021 Seoul Conference, please just give us your address. We will send you a postcard as a souvenir with a short message.

"Conveying your warm heart"

If you want to deliver a letter to someone, we will send a postcard with the message on behalf of you.

If you're interested in the AASP Seoul post office, please refer to the link below for details!